The proven experience of Breakaway Hospitality helps hotel owners develop a truly organized and revenue generating asset. As an experienced and dedicated management team in the hospitality industry, our team will provide invaluable insight and guidance for your business.

Doug Hargrave


Doug Hargrave has over 20 years of property level, franchising, and multi-property operations experience. Working from the ground level up in the hotel industry, Mr. Hargrave has covered every area of operations within a hotel and has worked for some of the largest franchising companies in the world, excelling in revenue management, sales development, and overall guest experiences.

Within the multi-property operations, Hargrave's expertise lies in creating a strong and highly dynamic team of operators to manage the individual hotels.


Breakaway Hospitality is a strategic hotel management, planning, and consulting company located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We serve businesses, cities, and counties in the surrounding region that include: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska.